Pre-Natal Yoga Starts September 13th at 5:30pm

Our pre-natal class integrates postures, breath work, and meditation to support expectant mothers during the stages of her pregnancy. Since the journey to motherhood is accompanied by numerous changes, both physical and emotional, the practice of yoga during pregnancy can help blooming mothers learn how to navigate these ebbs and flows with strength and grace. The techniques learned in these classes can be accessed whenever comfort is needed during pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. You will also meet a great community of girlfriends with whom you can share your experiences and find support. Classes are non-heated and 60 minutes in length.

Summer Solstice, 2018

It’s that time of year again- the day of the year containing the most light, the most energy, and the perfect alchemy for internal growth. Join us in celebrating the Summer Solstice and the International Day of Yoga by attending our annual solstice class. The class is included with any of our memberships, or pay the $10 drop-in rate, and the studio provides food and beverages that follow for our community of yogis.

Blue Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Class- January 31st

A supermoon, a blue moon, AND a total lunar eclipse all in one night is a reason to connect, recalibrate, and celebrate! Please join us for a 75 minute candlelight class that infuses vinyasa flow with yin postures. There is no extra charge for the class, just our regular $10 drop-in or just use those in your unlimited or class package. The studio will provide drinks that follow, so please plan on staying for the community gathering.