NBalance Yoga


Yoga classes at NBalance are designed to COMBINE THE MOVEMENT OF breath with mental focus in a heated environment to cultivate energy, strength and healing of the Body and mind. 

The utilization of breath is the basis for all yoga asanas (postures) taught at NBalance.  Through breath control, or pranayama, energy is delivered throughout the body which allows the mind to become more focused during your yoga practice both on and off the mat.  Both physical and mental strength are developed during yoga classes at NBalance as you are guided to perform each asana with a focus on your alignment, muscle activation, muscle relaxation, and balance in a beneficial, yet challenging environment.  The infrared heat promotes muscle and joint movement, stimulates cardiovascular function, boosts the immune system, and facilitates detoxification, ultimately contributing to the healing of the mind and body.  A consistent, honest yoga practice helps each of us lead a healthy, happy, and productive a life.


NBalance provides a full spectrum of yoga classes that vary through the temperature of the room and the style of the class.  Room temperature ranges from:

Hot (95-98 degrees)

Warm (83-92 degrees)

Gentle (75-78 degrees).  

Class styles vary in style from:

Hot Yoga

Hot Fusion



Xen Strength-Yoga with Weights®

The combination of variations in room temperature and yoga style allows NBalance to accommodate beginners as well as to challenge those who are advancing in their yoga practice.