SPIN® Classes are low impact, high cardio workouts that are safe, fun and effective for all fitness levels.  We utilize top of the line Star Trac Blade Spinner® bikes, a state of the art sound system, and heart rate based, intensity specific designed rides.

Unlike most SPIN® classes where the ride is about the music, each SPIN® class at NBalance is designed for a specific intensity zone.  By participating in a variety of intensity zone classes, you will attain the ultimate cardio workout.

NBalance SPIN® classes are 45 minutes in length and limited to 6-10 participantsPre-registration is required to ensure a reserved bike for the class.   NBalance Spinning® Classes are designed as three ride types and are appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Ride Types:

NBalance Endurance Spin® Class is the foundation for your cardiovascular training, increases aerobic capacity, builds muscular endurance, improves efficiency for fat metabolism, and is ideal for developing mentally focus.  Endurance training is conducted at 65-75% maximum heart rate (MHR) at a cadence of 80-110 revolutions per minute (RPM).  Approximately 70% of your Spin® training should consist of endurance rides.


NBalance Interval Spin® Class improve performance and provide variety to indoor cycling by requiring alternating bursts of speed and power with recovery.  The work rest periods are structured to target aerobic or aerobic-anaerobic energy systems.  Intervals are performed at a variety of intensities ranging from 65-92% maximum heart rate.


NBalance Strength Spin® Class improves muscle endurance (strength developed by a cyclist is cardiovascular strength), power, capabilities of the tendons and ligaments, and mental strength.   Strength training is conducted at 75-85% maximum heart rate, at a cadence of 60-80 revolutions per minute.