NBalance pilates class exercise

Pilates and Xen Strength with Weights are specialty classes offered at NBalance!


NBalance Pilates

 A precise series of mat exercises that focus on developing core stability and balanced muscle strength in the legs and arms.   Classes begin with core activation exercises to promote spinal stability then progress to the addition of mobility exercises that challenge core stability while developing long, lean leg and arm muscles.  While your body is the primary equipment utilized in pilates classes at NBalance, a variety of other small equipment may be utilized such as the magic circle, straps, blocks, foam rollers, and balls.

Anyone can benefit from NBalance Pilates – no  matter if you are new to exercise, young, old, a recreational athlete, competitive athlete or an individual with low back pain.

Xen Strength Yoga with Weights®

A combination of Vinyasa yoga, strengthening with weights and cardio blasts to create the ultimate workout!  Light hand weights are used to build muscle endurance.  Exercises are performed interval style for a metabolic effect.  Short cardio busts are utilized to increase your heart rate.  A three in one workout, fun effective and addictive!