TRX is a suspension training system that utilizes body weight and gravity to provide whole body movements that engage the legs, core, arms, and core.

TRX training provides versatility for hundreds of exercises and develops strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability without multiple pieces of equipment or large weight machines.  In fact, with TRX suspension training, “your body is the machine”.   By simply adjusting your body position, you can add or decrease resistance.  This allows individuals of all levels of fitness to enjoy the benefits of TRX suspension training.

TRX suspension training is offered at NBalance Hot Yoga & Fitness as individual classes and as part of combination classes in our Power Play series.

TRX Body Blast is a 45 minute full body workout using the TRX suspension trainers.  Timed sets with limited rest between sets are the foundations of this class.  During 45 minutes of high intensity training, you will build strength and power, with continuous core engagement to enhance your fat burning metabolism.  The class concludes with 10 minutes of flexibility training use the TRX suspension trainers.

TRX is also offered as part of our Power Play classes.