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Yoga is so much more than just a sequence of asanas or postures, and this became very clear to me about two and a half years ago. I was suffering through a dark time in my life when some friends recommended that we start attending classes at a local yoga studio. Initially, the practice of yoga gave me an opportunity to get out of the house, to get my mind off of matters that troubled me, and to get me into better physical shape. After a few months of attending classes a couple of times of week, I became aware of an inner transformation that was beginning to take hold. Not only was my body changing, but my internal thought processes were changing too; and for the first time in a long time, I was beginning to see light in my life again.

A lot has changed since I started incorporating yoga into my life on a regular basis. Just in the past few months, I have completed a yoga teacher training, I became a RYT-200 instructor, and one of my best friends and I partnered up to buy the very same yoga studio that was pivotal in transforming my life. I recently took a big leap from my heart’s center and decided to shift careers from school teaching to pouring my energy into the new business. Yoga now infiltrates nearly every aspect of my life, and often I feel the need to articulate my feelings on the subject. Therefore, Souliloquy is an area in cyberspace where you will find my inner thoughts and reflections that are related to yoga.

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The world you create for yourself is a reflection of the quality of energy that you emanate. While one cannot control what goes on in one’s external environment, one can control how one responds internally. Be mindful of what you internalize. Release anything that continuously causes you emotional discomfort, visualize something better replacing it, and begin to see your life change. Be patient with yourself. #mindfulness #transformation #souliloquy #thichnhathanh 🙏🏻



About three years ago, I tumbled into a very dark place in which I remained for nearly two years. Although I am notorious for being a recluse, this characteristic was exaggerated during this time. When this was occurring, I could not imagine what I had done to deserve feeling the way I did nor did I think things would ever get better.
I am a closet astrology junky too, and this dark time corresponded with Saturn in Scorpio as the “soul teacher” remained in this position for the duration of my depression. Last Summer, I traveled to Italy and new life began for me. I started confronting my darkness, I stopped letting it rule me by gradually replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations. This was difficult to do at first, but then life began to change.
I now realize what a gift that difficult time proved to be. It allowed me to plunge into the depths of my soul, to acknowledge the negative energies that had accumulated inside of me over decades, and to make the choice to no longer live in that manner. Saturn slipped back into Scorpio a few weeks ago, and I have had the opportunity to see how much I have grown and to release the last bits of tension from my life. In this case, I summoned the strength to change careers and lead from my heart.
With a blue moon on the rise, although not technically a blue moon since both full moons of July are in different signs, a new light is filling my soul. I am confident that this would not be as profound had I not struggled for so long. If you are going through a difficult time, have faith that you will be delivered to a better place. If you take the time to acknowledge the dark in you, then you can work on replacing it with grace and light. It is never too late to begin again. While it is a slow process, no individual is more important than yourself. Once you do your soul’s work you give a better you to the world, and blessings will be attracted to you with ease. #magnetforlove #soulsyrup #mindfulness #leadwithyourheart #deepakchopra #shineyourlight #soultherapy


Last December, as I was in a yoga teacher training I began studying the #niyamas or personal observances. In particular, I began focusing on #sauca or purity.
While this encompasses many aspects including physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, the emotional aspect remained my focus for many months. We are constantly bombarded by external stimuli that we filter into our spirit. What we choose to retain inevitably affects our emotional well-being. By choosing to concentrate on what brings you happiness while disregarding anything less, your life begins to change. There is so much negativity in the world, and many of us have experienced difficult paths, so sometimes it is an arduous task to stop integrating these energies into our spirit; but, the moment you stop adhering to old patterns and you stop engaging in things that don’t feed your light, then your life will change. The negativity from your past then becomes fertilizer for your growth and you can burgeon like a lotus from mud.
Make the choice to stop surrounding yourself with thoughts, people, and circumstances that keep you stuck. Embrace those that see your light, that fuel it, and that give you hope. You are here to shine, not to be dimmed. #patanjali #yogasutras


Some times just as you think you have a clear perspective on things, the curtain gets thrown back and true colors are shown. When people show you their true colors, believe them. Disappointment creates fragility, but don’t give up on trusting people. Your tribe is out there, reverberating a higher frequency, and you just need to cultivate the courage to leap from what is familiar to that which your intuition is beckoning. Following your heart takes courage, but knowing what your soul wants and ignoring it is cowardice. Be brave because living in fear of being hurt takes away the blessing of being filled with love and grace. #awaken #anahata #transform #mindfulness #truth #sunriseclarity


Can you feel it? Total Supermoon Eclipse on the rise. This event is one degree away from my birth degree, so I have been feeling and anticipating this for many months. This is a pivotal time for releasing energy that no longer supports you. Over the past week the main theme that has emerged during my meditations is AUTHENTICITY. 
As I reflect on this, I ponder why so many people are afraid of being authentic. Many project energies they think are desirable to others, but then they cannot maintain that energy because their energy is not authentic. Do you know people like this? They work so hard to try to convince you that they are what you want them to be, what they think you want them to be, but then ultimately their real intentions shine through and you realize what a charade it has been. 
On the other hand, authentic and genuine people cannot be denied. You sense their energy when they walk into a room, they are consistent and steadfast, they create a nurturing space for themselves and others to grow into truth. Stop working so hard to please others, and work on being YOU. Have the courage to be YOU- not who your parents wanted you to be, nor who your significant other wishes you were, nor what society suggests you should be. 
Spend time with yourself, surround yourself with people and things that nurture your authentic self, both the light and dark sides of your soul, and eclipse those that lack pure intentions for you. Intuition is your biggest guide, so go forth and fuel your true fire. You will find that not only does this grant you an enormous amount of freedom, but it alleviates stress and makes room for love to grow from an authentic, fertile ground. Be bold, daring, and courageous like the Aries energy of tonight’s event, and the universe will respond to your authenticity. 
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#ganesh is the remover of obstacles and today I spent time meditating, reflecting, and imploring help for releasing so many self-issues. The relationship we have with ourselves is the most personal and most important one on Earth. Many of our issues with others and our surroundings stem from personal issues that are projected onto our environment. Today is the #venusstarpointand the heart is leading the way, so I am choosing to release the control that self-doubt and self-criticism have on my life. I am striving to cultivate more confidence in my actions, more compassion with myself, and more truth in what I seek. You have to change on the inside first. #spiritualthirst#mysoul

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