by: Beth Norris

SpinFIT classes are a hit!!!!  Participants all agree that the combination of Spinning® with TRX and/or Functional Fitness produces a workout unlike any other in the Clarksville area.  The classes start off with 25 minutes of cardio intervals on the Spinner Bikes (top of the line Blade bikes), then it is a quick transition to metabolic strengthening using TRX or Functional Fitness.  What is metabolic strengthening you may ask?  Think intervals of strengthening exercises structured to keep the heart rate high while improving muscle performance.   In one class you can accomplish an effective cardio workout and strength training – just what is needed whether you are trying to lose weight or to improve performance.

What surprises people the most is that SpinFIT classes eliminate the need for an “aerobic day” or “strength day” in their weekly workout program.  When classes are designed appropriately (as SpinFIT classes are!) you can accomplish it all in one class.  We call that In-N-Out Fitness at NBalance.  Get in, get it done, get on with life.   

Another benefit people notice is that no matter if you come 2, 3, or 5 days a week, each class is different.  This prevents boredom and your body from adapting and progress from slowing.

Perhaps the best benefit of all – the small class size.  NBalance fitness classes cap out at 8 individuals.  Our philosophy is that instructors are there to coach you not to “do a class”.  More than one person has commented that it is like having personal training at a fraction of the cost.