Why Hot Yoga?

The first question most people ask is, “Why hot yoga?”  Yoga, at the basic level, is the practice of self-discipline.  When performed on a consistent basis, yoga provides benefits at the physical, mental, and spiritual level.  Add heat to the physical practice of yoga, and you compound these benefits many fold.   A carefully controlled heated environment can enhance your yoga experience whether you are a beginner, an athlete, or an advancing yoga student.

At NBalance Hot Yoga & Fitness, we use infrared heat panels to produce heat that is absorbed by your body.  Infrared heat causes blood vessels to dilate, which increases circulation and speeds up the metabolic processes of vital organs.  Heat aids in the detoxification process by increasing body temperature, thus causing your body to sweat out toxins.   The increase in body temperature also stimulates your immune system, thereby increasing the effectiveness to fight bacteria and viruses.

The heat-induced increase in blood flow also stimulates stronger, more efficient contractions of your heart, which can lower your blood pressure over time.  As heat is absorbed in the body tissues, joint stiffness decreases, the extensibility of joint structures (ligaments, tendons and connective tissues) increases, and muscles relax.

Practicing yoga in a hot room not only challenges the mind, but also the body.  As your physical body responds to the demands of the heat, your mind also receives an added stimulus.  You must draw upon will power, determination, and concentration, all of which heightens the mind-body experience provided by yoga.

As you develop a consistent hot yoga practice and begin to experience its’ benefits, your question will become, “Why not hot yoga?”

Enjoy the experience at NBalance Hot Yoga & Fitness.