Why NBalance?

NBalance Hot Yoga & Fitness
provides a complete training system that offers yoga, indoor cycling, TRX, and functional fitness performance-based group classes, along with private and semi-private training options.

NBalance, which is locally owned and operated by Clarksville native Jane Manning, is a yoga and fitness center that integrates the three pillars of physical fitness:  mobility (Yoga), muscle performance (TRX, functional fitness) and endurance (indoor cycling).  Each class is designed by a program design specialist using the latest in exercise science research to ensure a results oriented training program.  Our philosophy at NBalance is to provide individual attention by qualified fitness experts in a fun, motivating, and supportive atmosphere.  No matter where you are in your fitness journey, NBalance has a class for you.

At NBalance, we believe that physical fitness encompasses the body and the mind.   If your body and mind are functioning optimally, you can live “NBalance” and experience more that life offers.


After all, why do you exercise?  


Train at NBalance