Our Studio


NBalance Hot Yoga & Fitness is a client-focused “boutique” training center that consists of a medical-grade, infrared heated yoga studio, an indoor cycling/fitness studio, women’s and men’s locker rooms, and outstanding client service.  The entire center was designed with great attention to detail to provide the optimal training experience.

NBalance Yoga Studio

The yoga studio at NBalance is one of only three yoga studios in the Nashville/Clarksville area that are equipped withan infrared heating system.  NBalance yoga studio utilizes radiant heat panels to provide a comfortable, therapeutically heated environment for each of our yoga classes.  Infrared heat is unique to convection heat in that radiant heat warms objects in the room (including bodies!), and not the air.  This minimizes the intense, often uncomfortable, sensation experienced  when entering a hot yoga studio that utilizes convection heat.

Furthermore, infrared heat does not involve air movement like that of convection heat, which reduces the distribution of unhealthy bacteria, allergens and dust.  Infrared heat is absorbed by the body, warming you from the inside out.  Since most of the heat produced by infrared panels are used to heat the body rather than to heat the air, there is more opportunity for the beneficial effects of hot yoga to be experienced.

Additional design elements in the NBalance yoga studio include special flooring that is slip resistant, shock absorbing, and anti-bacterial.  Three of the walls in the yoga studio are mirrored to provide feedback on alignment and positioning throughout your yoga session.  The NBalance yoga studio is equipped with a state of the art sound system and dimmable lights that instill a meditative atmosphere for yoga practice.

NBalance Spinning® and Fitness Studio





The spinning and fitness studio is designed for small group classes to maximize a one-on-one approach with all clients.  All spin and fitness classes are offered in small group format or as semi-private training.  Indoor Spinning®, TRX and functional fitness small group classes have no more than 6-10 participants.  Limiting class size ensures that our clients will not get lost in the crowd and that all participants receive individual coaching.  Semi-private personal training is available for small groups of up to 4 participants.

Additional Amenities at NBalance Hot Yoga & Fitness

Towel Service:  Mat size towels and hand towels are provided for all participants of yoga classes.

Locker Rooms: Separate locker rooms are provided for men and women clients.

Convenient Location:  NBalance Hot Yoga & Fitness is conveniently located behind Walgreens at 1960 Madison Street, Suite G, Clarksville, TN, 37043.  Ample parking is available.