How can I prepare beforehand for class?

Make sure that you hydrate well throughout the day.  Eat light, and try to avoid a heavy meal at least 2 hours before class to allow ample time for the body to digest prior to class.

What should I wear?

You should wear something that is comfortable, that allows you to move easily, and that is breathable because you will sweat. Women often wear yoga pants or shorts, and tank tops with sports bras. Men often wear t-shirts or tank tops, and long shorts. Keep in mind that you want the clothing to be loose enough to allow you to move, but tight enough to keep you covered in poses.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

We no longer provide yoga mats for use, therefore we encourage you to bring your own mat if you have one or purchase one from our boutique.

Do I need a towel?  

Towels are useful for wiping down and in preventing you from slipping on your yoga mat. You are encouraged to bring at least one hand towel with you to practice.

What should I drink?

WATER!  Make no mistake about it, you will sweat during hot yoga classes!  You are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class, 16-24 ounces is recommended, and we have a water fountain that you can use to refill your container.

How early should I arrive for class?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins. If you are a new student, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class to fill out the necessary paperwork. Please remember that the studio doors are locked once class starts.

What if I signed up for a class and I can’t make it or don’t show?

Please cancel your reservation through the same method that you signed up (MindBody) so we can give the spot to another student.

What is your refund policy on classes, packages, etc?

All sales are final; but when applicable, refunds will be credited to your NBalance Account and may be used for classes, workshops, teacher trainings or boutique purchases.

What do I do if I get overwhelmed in class?

We encourage you to stay in the studio the entire class.  If you are having trouble adjusting to the heat or need to take a break, then just sit down or lie in savanasa (lying on your back) and rejoin the class when you are ready.  Yoga is non-judgmental.  Taking a break allows you to prepare for continuing the class, as well as, to listen to and to observe the instructor.

Will other people judge me if I am not as good as they are?  

Never. Each person is in a different place in their yoga practice. The key is to be accepting of where you are in yours and to listen to your body and honor what your abilities are in that class.  Do not compare your abilities to what you did yesterday or to those around you.  Be grateful for the opportunity to practice yoga and to share in the yoga experience of those in the class with you. Remember, it is about progress and not perfection.

What class should I try first?

We encourage you to peruse our classes here to see what you think sounds like a good fit. Our instructors teach to a class of varying levels of practice, and so modifications for poses are offered up as well as progressions. We hope that this will allow you to find a space that suits you among those suggestions. It is useful to know that the Hot Series classes are more static-based, so you spend a little more time in them and can become familiar with alignment more than in faster paced classes such as Vinyasa or Fusion. Just remember, each time you practice you will become a little more familiar with the poses (asanas) and this will grow more confidence in the future.