Functional Interval Training (F.I.T.)

This is a small group training session that combines resistance training with cardio drills in various program design to provide a metabolic conditioning effect. Simple, effective, functional equipment is used including body-weight, kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, resistance bands, and TRX suspension trainers.  Session format changes weekly to provide an optimal training stimulus that gives you a complete, head to toe workout that will leave you stronger than you were when you arrived. Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are limited to 4-6 clients to provide a semi-private training environment, so pre-registration is suggested.


METCON, or metabolic conditioning, combines functional strength with compound cardiovascular exercises that are completed at a high rate with short recovery periods. These are specifically designed HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes intended to maximize the amount of calories burned during and for hours AFTER your workout. Challenge yourself to a stronger mind and body! Sessions are 45 minutes in length and class size is limited to 6, so pre-registration is suggested.


SPIN® classes are low impact, high cardio workouts that are safe, fun and effective for all fitness levels.  We utilize top of the line Star Trac Blade Spinner® bikes, a state of the art sound system, and heart rate based, intensity specific designed rides. Unlike most SPIN® classes where the ride is about the music, each SPIN® class at NBalance is designed for a specific intensity zone to attain the ultimate cardio workout. NBalance SPIN® classes vary from 45-90 minutes (see schedule) in length and limited to 6-10 participants.  Pre-registration is required to ensure a reserved bike for the class. Please arrive early for your first class to be fitted on your bike.


TRX is a suspension training system that utilizes body weight and gravity to provide whole body movements that engage the legs, core, arms, and core.TRX training provides versatility for hundreds of exercises and develops strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability without multiple pieces of equipment or large weight machines.  In fact, with TRX suspension training, “your body is the machine.”   By simply adjusting your body position, you can add or decrease resistance.  This allows individuals of all levels of fitness to enjoy the benefits of TRX suspension training and our classes are 45 minutes. Class size is limited to 6, so pre-registration is recommended.

Power Play

PowerPlay Combination classes combine two or three training modes into a fun-filled, calorie burning hour.  Perfect for those who want to get it all done at once or for when you are looking to change it up. Early registration is recommended since all are limited to 6 participants.


SPINFIT is a results driven, efficient, fun Power Play workout that utilizes high intensity cardio and strength intervals to create a metabolic training program.  20 minutes of SPIN® followed by 20 minutes of strength intervals using TRX, body weight, bands, weighted balls, and kettlebells.  Class size is limited to 6, online pre-registration is required.


FIT/TRX is a Power Play class that combines 20 minutes of FIT, including floor cardio, followed by 20 minutes of TRX suspension training.  Class size is limited to 6, and pre-registration is required.